Welcome to my website!

I created this website originally to blog, show off projects that I have worked on, as well as test my website building skills. Nowadays, it remains primarily for me to show off the specs of my computers.
In addition, this website temporarily serves as the home for The Meowing Servers' game server query pages.

Current Projects

Until I complete my site's projects section provided I finally get to that, my projects will be listed here.
  • HectorAvila.net - This website.
  • updatefastdl (Not yet released) - A Python script for synchronizing custom maps from a Source-based gameserver (Team Fortress 2, etc.) to other Source-based gameservers as well as HTTP-based download servers. I've been working on this off and on for the past two years and will release it once it is functional again. It is currently limited to local directories and SFTP. This project is currently subject to Valve Time.

Past Projects

  • SandyD's MvM: Website and TF2 server setup (September 2012-August 2014; Discontinued by owner) - A set of Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine gamemode server with custom levels and missions.
  • Playlist Export Tool (2007-2010, 2011; Discontinued) - A Songbird addon for exporting Songbird playlists to m3u and pls playlist file formats.
  • Birdtitle (2007-2010, 2011; Discontinued) - A Songbird addon for customizing the Songbird window title.